2 aug. 2015


About Noble Interior Design

Good day in the fascinating world of interior design! If you are here it means that I am a person who will help you create your inner world of your family, I will create for you special emotion expressed through color, shapes and lights of what the home. I inspire people with their life story, everyone's different personality helps me to create interior spaces that feels great in originality and good taste. Each interior design project becomes a challenge to my capacity to perceive people differently, according to their way of being, their profession, the way they want to live happy moments with your loved ones at home. Let us know and you will see that I will surprise you with ideas and proposals spectacular, wonderful story that we created together to design your house that will be unique and expressive, reflecting your personality, passions and feelings.
 Designer , Gabriela Nechifor.
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2 feb. 2015


Classic style interior design service houses

Beginning January 5, 2015, we implemented full service interior design and the tender and delivery of materials contained in the final three presentations D. After the project finalde interior design clients are able to choose a full service landscaping and decorating home.Ofertam our customers can purchase a full service for home turnkey .Consimtim an evolution in techniques used for setting up a mentality homes but also in customers, as evidence that 3 of the 5 people who have just built a house and want to refurbish the old decide to go to a specialist in this field. Our company is represented by a single specialist in interior design but of an entire team, an additional reason for which you should consider a collaboration with us.
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